E. Steve Scales is uniquely qualified as an expert witness. His assets include hands-on, in-depth industry experience, practical experience as a seasoned arbitrator, and state-of-the art analyses.

Mr. Scales brings to your litigation twenty-five years of industry experience. Additionally, he was the Branch Manager for a major NYSE firm for nineteen of those years, involved in all aspects of client-broker activity. Mr. Scales fully understands how the "system" operates. His understanding extends to all aspects of the Securities Industry, including equities, fixed income, options, futures, and alternative investments. He also has considerable experience involving disputes between Registered Representatives and their firm(s).

Mr. Scales' experience in the alternative dispute resolution process is noteworthy. He has participated in various arbitrations, mediations, and settlements as a claimant, as a respondent, and as an arbitrator for the FINRA. He fully understands the role of everyone involved in this process. He has been involved in discovery, the development of case theory, testimony, and resolution.

Lastly, Mr. Scales can provide you with state-of-the art analyses for your dispute. Analyses that are easy to understand and that can help bring a dispute into focus. Analyses that are developed at Mr. Scales' direction which can stand up to cross-examination. Mr. Scales offers a standard package of fifteen reports to bolster your case, with other, more specialized reports also available.

This combination of industry experience, dispute resolution experience, and state-of-the art analyses uniquely qualifies Scales Consulting Group to be your choice as an expert witness.

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